Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Priority will usually be given to Postgraduate Research students – anyone who would like to participate in any of our sessions but is not a PhD student should email before registering. Any non-PGR students may be removed in order to provide space for PhD students.


Our next seminar will take place on Wednesday 13 October 2021

CDT-NGCM Seminar with Dr. Jonathan Leliaert: What makes scientific software successful? A case study in micromagnetic software.

Computational modelling requires the use of advanced software tools, which are not always readily available for state-of-the art physics problems. By developing such software yourself, you do not only advance your own research, but also provide a tool that can be used throughout the community. In this talk, I will discuss what makes scientific software successful using a case study of micromagnetic software, starting from my personal experience. After a short introduction on what these codes do, and some metrics you can use to measure their success, I’ll address how to tackle the development and distribution with a broad user base in mind.

Jonathan Leliaert is currently an FWO postdoctoral fellow in the DyNaMat research group, Ghent University, Belgium.

Dr. Leliaert obtained his PhD in physics from Ghent University and was selected as an Emerging Leader by Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics. He received several Postdoctoral Research Fellowships from the Research Foundation Flanders to continue his work in the DyNaMat group where he co-develops the micromagnetic software packages MuMax3 and Vinamax, and where he teaches courses on scientific computing and on nanomagnetism. His research interests include nanoscale magnetization dynamics in thin films and nanoparticles.

This seminar will take place via Microsoft Teams on Wednesday 13 October 2021, starting at 13:00. It is scheduled for 1.5 hours to allow some time for discussion/questions after the presentation.

Our seminars are continuing online in 2021 – further speakers will be announced once they are confirmed; please check back for updates.

Future seminar speakers include:

Dr. Daniele Pinna, Quantum Theory of Materials, Peter Grünberg Institute (PGI)

From the University of Southampton we have Dr Ed Richardson, and Prof Andreas Juttner who has recently taken up a 5 year placement at CERN.

Our seminars are currently online events via Microsoft Teams – watch out for the calendar invitations and please join us. If you do not receive an invitation but would like to attend one of our seminars then please contact us.

Blog posts regarding previous seminars can be found here.

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CDT-NGCM are constantly looking into training opportunities which will enhance our students’ experience – if you have any suggestions please contact us. There are currently no courses scheduled; please check back for updates.

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Please email if you would like to attend any of our events; priority may be given to our current NGCM students for some events.