Go Karting at TeamSport Eastleigh

Go Karting at TeamSport Eastleigh

On Tuesday 18 January a small group of NGCM students and staff went to TeamSport in Eastleigh for Go Karting and pizzas – it was a fun-filled evening combining 2 racing sessions and pizzas.

It was a well organised fun activity – after a safety briefing and getting kitted out the first racing session started. The Eastleigh racetrack is split over different levels and has tight corners, hairpin bends and straight sections where you can pick up speed – there were spins and crashes to add to the excitement, and everyone had fun even if they weren’t winning.

It was impossible to say who got more excited – the students or the staff. It was a great competition and there was definitely some friendly banter and rivalry!

Invigorating experience after months of lockdown.

Great to catch up with NGCM students and staff by some pizza mixed with furious go karting.

Very exciting event (but not a too promising start to my racing career).

Fun way to re-engage with both students and staff.

Infinitely more adrenaline than during computational modelling.

Great opportunity to catch-up and discuss with other members of the CDT.

Brought out the competitive spirit!’

Noisy but fun!