Our Doctoral Programme

The NGCM is a new, innovative, EPSRC-funded Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT). The NGCM programme has recruited over 60 students, funded via a combination of EPSRC studentships and industry funding.

The first NGCM cohort

The doctoral programme is four years in length, comprising a one-year taught component, during which students are trained in a number of relevant techniques for computational modelling, with optional modules being individually chosen to best support each student’s project. This is followed by a three-year research component pursuing this research project with supervisors and, possibly, industrial partners.

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  • Financial Support
  • Research supervision and tutoring
  • Training and conference attendance
  • CDT specific training
  • Personal Computer facilities
  • Computing Resources
  • Financial Support

    Studentship levels are following the UK’s research council minimum stipend (£14,773 per year for students starting Sept 2018), and also provide UK/EU fees (about 4,200 per year).

    Research supervision and tutoring

    Students are supported by a supervisory team of supervisors, and have an additional academic tutor who is not part of the supervisory team. Students are also embedded in the CDT network, including the fellow students in the current cohort and older cohorts, the manager, and the directors, who are also intensely engaged in the day-to-day delivery of the programme.

    Training and conference attendance

    Conference and workshop attendance, in the UK, Europe and beyond is encouraged as part of the doctoral training, and funds to support this are available.

    CDT specific training

    This EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Next Generation Computational Modelling provides a wide range of additional training activities including the annual NGCM Summer Academy. Short reports from some of the training activities are available in our blog.

    Personal Computer facilities

    Students are provided with their own laptop for the duration of the four-year programme. In addition, they are also provided each with a powerful workstation at the beginning of the research component in year 2.

    Computing Resources

    The CDT students have access to a dedicated NGCM machine made up of four compute nodes each with 48 cores and 1TB RAM. These machines are available to support our training and research, and can be used to run research simulations or to run small-scale performance studies before scaling to larger machines.

    PhD students in Southampton have access to the IRIDIS5 Supercomputer at the University of Southampton. NGCM students also have access to the UK’s national supercomputer, ARCHER, through parallel computing courses taught by EPCC, who host the ARCHER machines.