The Research Component (Years 2, 3, & 4)

NGCM Students studying race-car aerodynamics

The 3-year research period follows the first year training. As of 2019, the final year of training has finished, and thus all of our NGCM students are now in their 3-year research period.

During this period students complete a piece of independent doctoral research equivalent to a standard UK PhD, under the guidance of a supervisory team, typically comprising at least two complementary supervisors (one expert in computational modelling, and one expert from a particular application domain), and often an advisor from our industrial and other partners.

Students selected a particular research topic from a list of available projects when they applied to the centre. A list of topics, and a list of our students, is available here. Unfortunately, the NGCM is no longer accepting new applications.

All PhD projects show novelty and innovation in (i) computational methodology and (ii) the research domain to which the simulation is applied.

Running in parallel with their doctoral research, students are also trained in best practice in science and engineering, and key academic and transferable skills.

During the research component, there are opportunities to spend time on secondment at an industrial or academic research lab.