Stand and Deliver: Making Effective Presentations

Stand and Deliver: Making Effective Presentations

A one-day coaching course by VOX Coaching took place on Wednesday 10 March 2021. “For many, it is a terrifying prospect to stand up and speak in front of an audience. This course teaches techniques for managing nerves, rehearsing and preparing, enabling participants to speak compellingly under pressure. Students will come away with all they need to deliver posters and presentations that impress audiences, carry real weight, and make a lasting impact.”

“All VOX courses are intense, tailored learning experiences. They are practical, intensive and good-humoured. VOX create a supportive environment in which participants feel ‘safe’ to examine their communication styles and to explore and rehearse fresh approaches. They are encouraged, through the practical and interactive nature of the course, to contribute their own insights, ask questions and raise individual concerns. Participants leave energised and equipped with straightforward techniques for truly effective communication.”

This online course comprised Pre-course Videos, Workshops, Post-course Videos and access to VOX Academy (a year’s free access to their online resources).

This course was kept to a small class size (maximum of 10 participants) to allow full interaction and feedback during the workshops. Registration was open to NGCM students, and was also offered to other Postgraduate Research students.

Easily the best presentation course I have been on. Did not just focus on delivering a message as many do but delivering a message and maximising the impact in the process.