CDT-NGCM Seminar with Dirk Gorissen

CDT-NGCM Seminar with Dirk Gorissen

Dirk Gorissen – Trying to Be Useful

This seminar took place on Thursday 29 April 2021 13:00 – 14:30

In this digital age, contributing to society or engaging in development is no longer synonymous with handing out soup or installing water pumps. Doing data dives, labelling tweets, and flying drones have added to the options. That seems fertile ground for somebody with a technical background looking to be useful to society. This talk will cover a personal journey from Academia to Industry while trying to be just that: useful. There will be stops at drones, rural water supply, landmine detection, and self driving cars, with a few tips for commercialising research code along the way.

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Dirk Gorissen is one of the board members for our CDT-NGCM Strategic Advisory Board and kindly agreed to deliver a seminar. You can read a blog report by one of the attendees here.