Speakers from a wide range of disciplines are invited to deliver seminars to NGCM and other students regarding their work in employing the latest computational techniques for their research, developing the latest innovative technologies, and the importance and impact for real-life applications.

Our next seminar will be on Wednesday 13 October 2021, with Dr. Jonathan Leliaert, DyNaMat group, Ghent University. Information on this seminar can be found here.

So far, speakers during 2020/21 have included:

Further seminars are planned in 2021; our upcoming events page will be updated as soon as details are confirmed. Planned speakers include: Dr. Daniele Pinna, Quantum Theory of Materials, Peter Grünberg Institute (PGI), and from the University of Southampton we have Dr Ed Richardson and Prof Andreas Juttner.

Speakers in 2019/20 included former NGCM students, practitioners in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and academics who have transitioned into industry, particularly those who have created their own start-up businesses.

Blog posts regarding previous seminars can be found here.