Training Events

Training Events

As well as domain-specific training, the NGCM CDT also invites speakers from industry to deliver training programmes that cover soft skills to help students present their research or prepare for progression milestones in their PhD programme.

CDT-NGCM are constantly looking into training opportunities which will enhance our students’ experience – if you have any suggestions please contact us. We are currently looking into courses on Natural Language Processing; please check back for updates.

Information on upcoming training can be found here.

Previous training courses

Two different one-day coaching courses took place in March and April 2021; VOX Coaching delivered both of these courses online and registration was open to our NGCM students and other Postgraduate Research students.

Stand and Deliver: Making Effective Presentations in March 2021: techniques for managing nerves, rehearsing and preparing, enabling participants to speak compellingly under pressure.

Excellence at Interviews: Vivas, Fellowships & Jobs in April 2021: learn how to rehearse for style and delivery as well as content, and make a memorable impression that maximises their chances of success.

An AgileFrame Project Management course was offered by the NGCM CDT. This course was offered to help develop general project management understanding and skills. Initially this was intended to be a three-day AgileFrame® Project Management course on the University campus in April 2020. The course was postponed and was rearranged in an online format which ran over 4 days in June 2020. You can find out more about how the course went here.